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Computer Lab
Computer Lab. is fully equipped with adequate number of Computers. Internet facility is available for both staff and students. Computer related books are also available for students.
Features of Computer Lab -

· Internet facility in all computers
· 40 computers
· LCD Monitors
· Local Area Network
· Educational CDs
· Free hand experience to all students
· Connected with library by LAN



Psychology Lab
The College has well equipped Psychology lab with various psychology tests and apparatuses. This lab is being utilized by all the M.A. Education & B.Ed. Students. The students are acquainted with knowledge about tests and how to use these tests.



Science Lab
The College has a well-equipped laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry of experiments required at school level and to develop the spirit of scientific attitude for prospective teachers. Working model of different topics of science, prepared by pupil teachers is available in lab. Equipments and models are issued to students for teaching practice also.


The college has well equipped Technology lab with slide projector, overhead projector, LCD, Television, VCR, geometrical figures, models, charts, maps, transparencies, slides, white board, flannel board, etc. of standard quality. Technology lab is being utilized by all the lecturers, & B.Ed. Students. The students are acquainted with knowledge, uses, working and operation of various technology & aids. The students have to prepare transparencies, PowerPoint presentations, charts, models in their teaching subjects. Teachers make use of various aids for the teaching purpose & giving demonstration lessons to make the learning of various topics interesting and effective


Communication lab
College has a Communication lab with latest technology of master Consoles and headphones. Students use this lab for the improvement in their language i.e. English, Hindi, Punjabi.


Art and Craft Lab
It has capacity of 50 students. It is fully equipped with painting instruments for the enhancement of creativity.


Method lab
Method lab has teaching aids (Charts and models) of different subjects. Students get issued these aids for teaching in the schools. Exhibition of teaching aids is also arranged at college.


Social Sciences Room
The College has a well equipped social sciences room cum laboratory. It is well equipped with equipments, apparatuses and material required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. The permanent display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts and constant reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teaching of social studies effective, lively and interesting.


Mathematics Resource Center
The college also has a well-equipped laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry of experiments required at school level and to develop the spirit of scientific attitude for prospective teachers. Working model of different topics of maths prepared by pupil teachers, mathematic kit is available in the lab.


Sports Room
The college has sports facilities for various types of sports for the students. The college provides facility to the students for various outdoor and indoor games.


Conference Room
Our College has the well furnished conference room with projector facility. In which student council meetings for consultation, exchange of information or discussions regarding problems of students has been done.


NSS Room/ Youth Welfare Room
College has well prepared NSS and Youth Welfare room in which works related to NSS and social service are framed.


Language Room
College has a sparate language room to develop the language skill of students.


Seminar Hall
There is one separate seminar hall in the college. This is used for the following purposes: Holding of practicum, celebration of certain functions and days of national and international importance, holding co-curricular activities, workshops and seminars, conducting examinations, holding guest lecturers, as a method laboratory.

 Whats New
- National Seminar on 550th Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji

- Youth Festival 2019- Zonal Achievement Elocution 3rd, Debate 3rd Poster Making 2nd, Rangoli 1st, Photography 1st, Algoje 3rd, Malwai Gidha, Gidha 3rd

- 100th Anniversary of Amrita Pritam

- 100th year of Jaliawala Bagh

- Surkhab related to life story of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji
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- Important Information for Students!

- BFCE is completed 14 years successfully

- BFCE accredited "A" Grade by NAAC Cycle-2 with CGPA 3.38
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